Thursday, July 26, 2007

My story book tale

So, I thought I had made up my mind about the city. I thought that I could never live here, and I thought that no matter how much I enjoyed politics, or loved the atmosphere that I could never deal with the hustle and bustle and high stress of a huge city that never slows down. I was wrong. I hadn't been to Alexandria yet.

Last night Reuben convinced me that before I completely wrote of D.C. I had to experience Old Town, which is the historical district of Alexandria, VA. I fell in love. It's seriously the cutest place I've ever been. It's story-book, really. There are red-brick streets and pubs that Jefferson and Adams frequented once upon a time, and real torches on either side of cute doors that match cute shutters on every street. The river is just a few blocks down and there are charming hole-in-the-wall restaurants everywhere, not to mention what looks to be some amazing shopping to be done. I'm in awe. I am truly swept away.

We ate at the cutest italian resturant that honestly had stone walls that might have been there since the 1800's, and then we walked down to the dock on the river that had real wooden boats docked and ducks swimming at our feet. The smell of fish didn't even damper the atmosphere. It was perfect. Too bad I wasn't with someone special or I might have been floating.

The moral of the story is that I fell in love with Alexandria last night. I could definately see myself living there and working in D.C. even if D.C. is kind of annoying at times. I could put up with it if I got to live in such a wonderful town.

Back to work. In a big building, with the phone constantly ringing, and a steady stream of mail to be sorted. yay.


I-66 said...

I'm a firm believer in the idea that there is something for virtually everyone here. It's good to see that you seem to have found your something.

ThePrincessPat said...

One thing I dearly love about my new(ish) apartment is the fact that it's 5 minutes from Old Town and walking distance from Shirlington. Have you checked out Del Ray yet?

whymommy said...

I'm glad you're finding special places here! One of the first places we fell in love with was Ecco in Alexandria. If you're not talking about that place, you should go! They have fabulous veggie pizzas!

Pele said...

PrincessPat: My mother lives in Del Ray and I lived there for the first twelve years of my life. Del Ray is Olde Town light... None of the calories, and much less flavor.

Live it up in Olde Town. Compared to, Del Ray is just disappointing.